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How to easily convert YouTube videos to MP4 step by step guide

Youtube video download to Mp4, Mp3, Webm, 3gp, M4a, etc

It's no secret that Y2mate, the best online resource for converting Youtube video into your preferred format, is a top choice. It supports all formats. All you have to do is give it your video URI link so that it can show you the formats available. Although not all videos are capable of being converted to mp3 by Y2mate, it has a limit of 2 hours for Yt converter to mp3, but video is free and unlimited online.

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Y2mate Youtube videos downloader

Y2mate is available to assist you with any type of video download or converter task. Youtube Downloader is its main purpose. It can download Youtube videos of all formats, extract their audio track, and convert them to MP3. Youtube doesn’t offer MP3 as an audio format, so we have the task of converting each video to MP3. Please, be patient. Downloading large video files such as 5GB gaming broadcasts or 3 hour DJ sessions from clubs is recommended. A Mac/PC/laptop is recommended for downloading videos as they usually have more storage.

Otherwise, feel free to browse the web. The input box above supports textual search tags so that you can search Youtube directly for videos you like, without needing to visit Youtube.com. Y2mate allows you to download entire Youtube playlists. To do this, copy the URL address of Youtube from the input box and paste it in the input field above. Once you see the list of videos, click Download. From there, you can select the videos that you like and convert them to mp4/mp3, depending on your preference. We also offer a quick access shortcut. And if you have an Android-based OS, we also offer our own webapp. This app is browser-based and has this URL set in the address bar. The app requires browser to work. However, it does not require lifetime updates and occupies virtually zero storage.

Questions & Answers

How can I download Youtube video to my iPhone or Android?

  1. Copy Youtube video URIs directly from the app by using the Share menu. You can also search it using our free search feature.
  2. Click on the Download button for more information.
  3. Select the format you would like, click on "Convert", and then click on "Save" to save your file using longtap and Download Link.

Do you set any download limits ?

No. There aren't any restrictions and there are no limits. Be aware that this site is being viewed by others.

What should I do if video is blocked within my country/geo?

Youtube downloaders were created to overcome geo-political blocking and to make Youtube available to everyone.

Does Y2mate download large Youtube video playlists?

Yes. We can download both large and small Youtube video playlists. Simply copy the URL of your playlist from Youtube by clicking on the Share button and then paste it into our search box. Finally, click Convert. You can then select videos to download and hit Convert.

What websites/social networks are supported here?

Y2mate is able to download video from over 1000 websites. You just need to try your video link, and you'll be amazed at what happens.

What is a fast way to download Youtube videos?

  1. Copy video link. Visit y2mate via browser or web app.
  2. Insert the video URL into your search box, then hit the Download button.
  3. Select the quality, size and saving to your device.

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Click this button to open this browser and it will offer you to install the website as a web app on your Android device or Windows. It will use your favourite Internet browser to open the site. When you click the app icon, everything will look the same as the website. It's easy to forget which sites are good, so you can have this app on your homescreen to remind yourself of them or to download videos from Youtube.

Bookmark-let / shortcut

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This bookmark works as a shortcut for Apple users. This bookmark comes with a tiny code attached. When you save it and click it, it will copy the URL of your current website and send you to Y2mate. To put it another way, open a video in your browser and then click this bookmark. Your current website URL will be copied to the input box. Hit the Download button. This bookmark is only for browsing this website. You can delete it at any time.