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Copy video link from the app or browser and insert it above. No copy-paste - search Youtube, type some thing
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Y2mate is the best online Youtube to MP4 converter. It is very easy and straightforward. Just find the video you want, copy the URL address and bring it to this location. Then, download the file. It's very easy to do. You will need to copy the video URI address from your browser or YouTube app and paste it in our search box at the top of this page. It's easy to do. Just click the Share button and then tap (or tap) Copy Link. The link will be copied to your clipboard so that you can use it later. There are alternatives to this clipboard stuff if you have problems with it. The shortcut below will grab the URL of the page you are currently viewing and send you to Y2mate with the link in hand. You don't even need to copy or paste anything. Youtube video search is only available for Youtube. However, you can still type anything from the video title or artist name and Y2mate should be able to assist. You can also find the top 30 most watched videos in your region. This portal is made easier for visitors. You will love Y2mate.

Questions & Answers

How can I download Youtube video to my phone?

  1. Use your browser to access Youtube.
  2. Paste the copied URL address into the search box on Y2mate and tap the green button for it to start.
  3. Now select the format you wish, then hit 'Get Link' to download video.

Where browser stores downloaded mp4s?

Click CTRL+J on the desktop to open default downloads folder. Or use browser menu to open it.

Does your governor limit downloads?

No, everyone is free to download what they wish, but please .., Limit your downloads.

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